Water Protection

What can I do to protect our drinking water?

  • Be Aware of hazardous substances you may have in your home, and dispose of them properly. Maintain your septic system if you have one.
  • Have Your Water Tested if you have lead solder in your pipes. (Joints soldered with lead will be dull gray, not silver.) Test water regularly if you have a private well.
  • Be Informed about your local water supply system, what it's doing, and where your water comes from.
  • Support local, state and national efforts to protect drinking water.
  • Use Water Wisely
    • Take shorter showers.
    • Install water-saving devices and appliances.
    • Check for leaks, and repair them.
    • Landscape with plants that don't require much water.
    • Use water from a bucket when you wash your car. Save the hose for rinsing.