Internet Troubleshooting!

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For immediate resolution, try the following:

  • Try different websites to assure that your system is down, not just the Homepage
  • Double check all cable connections and power on all equipment
  • Unplug or remove power from all home devices, such as routers, switches or VOIP equipment for at least one minute and then restart
  • Re-boot your computer or computers
  • If using a router, consult the documentation for specifics on setting up the router, many routers may lose their configuration settings without warning.
  • Nine out of ten trouble calls we receive from customers are solved by unplugging and restarting the routers that the customer has purchased
  • If none of the above methods solve your problem, take any router or switch out of the cable path and hook the computer directly to our network via the small black power supply cable,  (if on our Canopy wireless system) and reboot the computer
  • If service is still not restored, please call us for technical support
  • Technicians are available to respond to calls seven days a week

Contact Numbers:

    During business hours: 256-401-2546

    Tech Support:  1-888-394-4772