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B.B.Comer Memorial Library

"Brown Bag" Series...Coming in the fall of '05...
Refreshments at 11:00 and programs at 12:00 noon at the Comer Library!

"Writing Our Lives"

Hardy Jackson, Remembering the Great Depression, 9-21-05
Pictures from Hardy Jackson's Program

Alan Grady, The Tragedy That Helped Clean up a Town", 9-28-05
Pictures from Alan Grady's Program

Tom Whatley, " Western Stories from a Baptist Preacher," 10-5-05
Pictures from Tom Whatley's Program

Robert Halli, Songs that Endure:  Alabama's Rich Folksong Tradition, 10-12-05
Pictures from Robert Halli's Program

Norman McMillan, Triumph of the Human Spirit, 10-19-05
Pictures from Norman McMillan's Program

Linda Newby Stephan, The Greatest Assets Aren't on the Balance Sheet! 10-26-05
Pictures from Linda Stephan's Program

Landon Thomas, Tiger Tales from the '80's, 11-02-05
Pictures from Landon Thomas' Program

Frye Gaillard, Courageous People Reach for the Stars, 11-9-05
Pictures from Frye Gaillard's Program

Leah Atkins, What Our Fourth Graders need to Know about Alabama History, 11-16-05
Pictures from Leah Rawls Atkins Program

Wayne Flynt, Alabama's Triumphs & Failures, 11-30-05
Pictures from Dr. Wayne's Flynt's Program

On the left, Dr. Wayne Flynt presents program "Alabama's Triumphs
and Failures." On the right, he is shown with participants from
the Writing Our Lives Series.

Dr. Flynt is shown with Library Director 
Dr. Shirley Spears

Check out these pictures from Past Programs

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