Kiwanis "Big Read"

Encouraging Children to Read Campaign.
The Sylacauga Kiwanis Club purchased new books for the Summer
Reading Program.


Sylacauga Kiwanis President, Erskine Penton, reading
to his four Grandchildren.


Kiwanian, Dwight Rayfield, is shown reading to
his granddaughter Abigail Wood.


Earl Lewis is shown reading to Cooper Andrews.


Kiwanian Danny R. Johnson is reading to Tamia Adams.

Reverend Jim Stanford is shown reading to Braylon McKinney.


Kiwanian Scott Robinson is enjoying a book with
Connor, Stephen, Lane and Jackson.



Kiwanian, Joe Duck, is caught reading with his great-
granddaughter, Marlee Watkins.

Kiwanian, Matt Austin, is shown reading to his
 son, William.



Sam Wright, Kiwanian and
Sylacauga Mayor, is shown enjoying a book
  with Brooke Hagan
  who is the granddaughter of Councilman Ken Horn.

General (Ret.) Jim Crysel is shown at
Comer Library enjoying a book
with Ben Phillips.






On the right Kiwanian, Jim Clark is caught reading to G.G. Hackett. On the right Olivia Dean enjoys a book
with Kiwanian, Jim Snowden.




Kiwanian, Reverend Mike Kiser, is caught
reading with Emma Claire and Marlee
Grace Shelnutt at Comer Librar




Miquel Rodriguez is reading to his son Isacc.


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