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Director: Ralph (Tommy) Woolley Jr.

Recycling is operated by the City Street Department and is open from 6:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. The Recycle Center is located at 1120 Wynette Rd. Sylacauga, AL 35150.

PHONE: (256)249-6250

Department Functions/Responsibilities

The Recycling Department has the responsibility of overseeing all recycling programs in the City of Sylacauga; curbside pickup, drop-off sites, School Recycling program, Business Recycling program, Public education, etc.

Public Service Information

Residents with questions or problems about recycling should call 256-249-6250.

Collection Points

Piggly Wiggly parking lot, HWY 21 North.
City Hall, 301 North Norton Ave.
Recycle Center, 1120 Wynette Rd.
Fire Station #2, Highway 21 North
Curbside (Put recycling out on your yard waste/junk pickup day)

Materials Collected

Paper Products
We accept all paper products. Examples: notebooks, phone books, catalogs, newspaper, junk mail, brown paper bags, cereal boxes, cardboard, typing paper, office, office waste paper, etc.
NOT ACCEPTABLE: Food wrappers

Aluminum and steel cans acceptable. All cans must be empty. All cans containing food products must be rinsed. All aerosol cans must be empty. Containers may be crushed to conserve space.
NOT ACCEPTABLE: Cans that have contained paint, herbicides or pesticides.

#1 and #2 plastic containers